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There are several reasons and need for ensuring the conservation of cattle bio-diversity. In an increasingly pollution driven economy and unhealthy living style we are treading an alternate path, a path that is constructive and sustainable. We feel there is a chance to redeem our actions that created trouble for the environment and ourselves. A major responsibility rests with us to owe to our future generations a safer and harmonious life. Proactive people may want to contribute towards this path. And people who would want to redeem what they have lost due to unfortunate actions in the past. Scientifically we could jointly redeem the environment and ensure sustainable living. We could focus on good karmas and redeem our bad ones. Then how to contribute? Before you want to contribute, know what we are doing. Then you could contribute with full awareness.

Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation (SKCRF) has been advocating and practicing ethical organic farming even before it was institutionalized. The cattle in the farm grow in this kind of stress free environment freely and healthily. This is called ecological livestock keeping. The cattle are not stall fed. They are allowed to graze in the open grass lands called Korangadu, a unique silvi pasture grazing system. The Korangadu is a unique habitat comprising of Velan trees spread in regular intervals and with nearly 23 types of vegetation. With no pesticides and all indigenous natural vegetation, the cattle are raised harmoniously in their ecosystem grazing all day. As the cattle grazes on abundant kolukuttai grass and velan pods in the open natural environment thereby reducing external inputs making it a sound sustainable method of livestock keeping. The additional advantage is the cattle rarely falls sick as it gets the best nutrition and immunity. So the occasion of cows being given any medicine or unwanted antibiotics which are harmful to them and us does not arise. The calcium rich soil in the region adds to the vigour of the cattle and the milk that it provides. Hence it is a much sought after milk for young ones and women for nutrition, immunity and calcium requirements. This is the milk recommended for ayurvedic treatments .The milk of Kangayam is recognized as A2 type of milk which has no bad fat and is prescribed by doctors for children up to the age of 7. The ghee of this region is world famous due to ecological livestock keeping and calcium found in soil.

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Maintaining the farm and the cattle needs resources for maintaining the farm and the people who take care of them. We are looking at a participatory model for maintaining the cattle. There are people who love animals and cannot raise them due to several preoccupations. Environmentalists, animal lovers, general public, philanthropists, corporate houses, religious people and people interested in conservation of native cattle who believe in this cause can contribute and be part of this major effort. Consider adopting a cow!

What you get in return?

  • You help in conservation of biodiversity not merely just the cattle but the entire ecosystem of Korangadu and the diverse fauna and flora it sustains and the associated method of natural farming. You directly support ecological livestock keeping.
  • A day’s stay with the livestock keepers family and a tour of the Korangadu and visiting megalithic burial sites found there. A tour that will give an understanding of the unique silvipasture system of Korangadu and the associated breed of Kangayam and a workshop on the methods of natural farming practices like preparation of jeevamirtham, Panchakavya, agniasthram etc.,
  • Contributors will be provided with 500 gms of ghee and offerings made to cow during prayers.
  • Go poojai on specified dates like birthday or wedding anniversary or as per the request of the donor.
  • Name board of the contributor will be fixed in the Avin Illam (Go Salai).
  • The contributors name will be acknowledged in our annual report. The names will also be made available in our website.

Adopting a cow

  • Sponsor a cow for its life time – A one time endowment of Rs. 2lakhs is required.
  • Sponsor a cow for a year or above Cost for maintaining a cow per year / Rs 24000 / year
  • Performing avin sevai or go poojai yourself - Rs. 5000/ poojai

Many people have been performing avin sevai / go poojai with all good intention but with the wrong cows such as Holstein, Fresian, Jerssey, Swiss brown and other mixed breeds which are exotic. The ancient scriptures talk only about native cattle ( bos indicus), a cow with the hump and 21 other characters not found in bos taurus. For further details visit:



We are creating awareness to all people who have been religiously performing the go poojai/ aavin sevai.

Contributions and donations may be made in the name of:

Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation (SKCRF)
Bank Name - Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Muthur, Tirupur District.
Account No. - 0453351000001072
IFSC code - LAVB 0000453.

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