History of the kangayam cow: Pattagarar of Palayakottai.

Rao Bahadur Nallathambi Sarkarai Mandradiar


‘We mention the Pattagarar of Palayakottai’, wrote the Linlithgow Commission, ‘because his was almost the only herd which was brought to our notice as an outstanding example of careful cattle-breeding. This careful breeding has resulted in the famous Kangayam cattle known all over Southern India. The breeder is Rao Bahadur nallathambi Sarkarai Mandradiar, popularly known as the Pattagar of Palayakottai, His farm is one of the biggest cattle –breeding stations in India and its activities have been publicly recognized for the last 400 years.

       The Pattagarar traces his ancestry to 1000 B.C. In recognition of the help given to the Pandya kings by his forefathers, they were awarded the title of Uthama Kaminda as well as powers to settle social and religious disputes in their community to Vellalas and their sub-castes. The Pattagar is the religious head of his community; the title is hereditary and passes on to the eldest son.

      The present Pattagarars great grandfather was the first to take an interest in cattle-breeding. His work was continued by his son, but he did not live long to enjoy the fruits of his labor. The former Pattagarar, who was only seven when his father dies, carried on the tradition. So great was his concentration on cattle breeding that he increased his herd from 100 to 2,000 head and established it as the Kangayam breed. The present pattagarar Mr.Rajkumar Mandradiar   the former member of the legislative assembly from kangayam has been contributing his might for the development and betterment of the kangayam breed, in spite of the reduction in the grazing area due to several Measures by the Provincial Govt.of T.N. in Southern India.

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