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      Kangayam - Cow & Bull Measurements

   Particulars of measurements   BULLS   COWS  
  Max Min Avg Max Min Avg

    Height behind hump      

    Length from point of shoulder to pinbone

    Length from  angle of hip to pinbone   ….

    Height  at angle of hip

    Width between angles of hips

    Height at pinbone

    Length of tail

    Length of tail from end of switch to the     ground



    Height at point of elbow

    Circumference of bone below knee

    Length of face from occipital crest to upper     edge of muzzle.

    Width of face above eyes

    Length of lower surface of ear

    Width of ear

    Slope of rump

    Length of horns

    Thickness of horns at base

    Length of tail  up to the switch end

    Weight of animal (calculated) lb

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