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Grazing lands: (Korangadu)
    Manure is not collected in the Grazing area and the land is ploughed once in four to five years and brought under cultivation and the grazing area is changed. By leaving the Cattle out day and night for months in the grazing area they become hardy and can endure all kinds of weather. Within our experience there has not been a single case of snake-bite or other accident. We breed sheep's as well on a small scale. We have 200 head of sheep MEICHERI of the hairy mutton variety kept mainly for manuring our garden land and coconut trees.

The breed

The breed derives its name from kangayam division of the taluka where this type of cattle has been in existence. The kangayam is a medium sized animal although large specimens are some time seen. It is the best Draught breed in South India. It is a hardy animal, an excellent breeder and thrives on scanty rations. It has a good constitution and a fiery temper.

The calving average 12 and the maximum are 17, but there are no authentic records to prove the statement. The color of the cow is grey or white with black markings just above the fetlocks, on the forelegs and in front of the forelegs. Some cows have dark grey markings on the body and the face which are not desirable but do not constitute a disqualification.

Mature cows weigh from 700 to 800 lb. Kangayam cows are poor milkers; but good milkers are also to be found, giving 18 to 20 lb. at their peak. No milk recording is done. Cows are tied in pen yards and milked both morning and evening. Calves are allowed to suckle their dams for two months, and as the calf advances in age milk is drawn from the cow. If the cow is a poor milker all the milk is left for the calf. Concentrates are fed twice a day only when there is scarcity of grazing.

The cow is taken to the bull when it comes into heat for the first time after calving, which is generally between 90 to 100 days. The price of a cow is from Rs 15,000 to 25,000, 360$ to 600$ US dollar.

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