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Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation :

Senaapathy kangayam cattle research foundation is situated in Kuttapalayam village, Palayakottai in the Kangayam taluka of Tirupur District(formerly Erode District), Tamilnadu, India. The area is best suited to cattle breeding. The soil is red-loam of calcium rich gravel known as ‘odai jelly’, and is the best land for rearing cattle. Such soils are known to be cool and though shallow, are retentive of moisture sufficient for raising pasture. It is, however, a dry tract where the cultivator has to depend upon the monsoon. In some parts wells are used for irrigating farm lands; and to raise water from a depth of 30 – 60 ft. the farmers require strong and efficient bullocks. More-over, on the break of the monsoon, large areas of land have to be prepared and sown before the soil dries up and for this quick work efficient bullocks are very necessary.


The founder of the farm is Kuttappalayam K.N.Saminathan who served as the chairman of "The live stock development committee of the government of tamilnadu" for a decade. he was the member of the lower house in the government of tamilnadu for the period 1967 – 1972 . He brought in various legislations for protecting the indigenous kangayam race from extinction. Due to the love and interest he had for the kangayam cows the honorable chief minister Dr.Arignar C.N.Annadurai appointed K.N.Saminathan as the chairman of the tamilnadu live stock development committee.

Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation is headed by its chairman the founders son Mr.K.Saminathan Sivasenapathy and managed by its managing Trustee Mr.Karthikeya Sivasenapathy.

Crops - Grown in this area:-

Crops grown are paddy, cotton, ragi (Eleusine coracana); Cholam (Sorghum vulgare) chilies and sugarcane chiefly irrigated by well wate. During the monsoon Millet (Pennisetum Typhoideum) and cholam are grown. The estate is divided into a number of fields which are thickly fenced with mullukiluvai, a thorny shrub (Balsamodendrum Berry) which is highly drought resistant. This fencing is unique and is rarely seen outside Coimbatore, Erode, Karur, Salem district of Tamilnadu State consists of Kongu region. The ground water level has increased with the Government source of irrigation lower Bhavani canal which helps in raising necessary fodder during lean months.

Grasses grown - Korangadu:-

Though the rainfall may not be sufficient to grow a cereal crop, it is generally sufficient to raise a crop of grass. The chief grass is kolukkattai (Pennisetum cenchroides). It is a thick, succulent grass which maintains its vitality during severe drought. It seeds freely and sheds seeds easily. Hence a few showers will make the pasture very green. Other Varieties of grass found in the pasture are given below:



Kolukkattai 1

Cenchrus ciliaris


Trachys muricata


Set aria verticulata


Chloris barbata


Chrysopogon montanu


Phaseolus trilobus




Merremia tridentate


Crotalaria globosa


Borreria hispida


Cynodon dactplon

 Kangeyam_Wealth of the Yoke


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